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What if Peachtree was more than a street?

Join us as we reimagine Atlanta's signature street as a place for people. 

Draft Illustrative Concept Report

Check out the draft Peachtree Shared Space Illustrative Concept Report to learn about the proposed designs, activation strategies, and policies to reimagine Peachtree Street in the Peachtree Center area as an exceptional public space for Downtown Atlanta, along with complete streets designs to make the surrounding blocks of Peachtree Street supportive of walking, biking, transit, and enjoying vibrant city life. The report also includes information about the planning process, community input, the existing conditions analysis, and the demonstration project.

Demonstration Project

To help make better decisions about the shared space design, we're testing what's possible with a demonstration project. This test was recently installed on three blocks between Baker Street and Ellis Street will change temporarily to make more space for pedestrians and test how this works with vehicles, helping inform the final shared space design. The City is currently monitoring and evaluating the temporary design.

Peachtree Center_After_RegularDay_2021.07.29.png

A People-Centered Peachtree Street

Conceptual rendering of a shared space in the Peachtree Center area on a typical weekday.

About Shared Spaces

Learn how shared spaces work and where they have been successfully implemented to support vibrant downtowns.


About this Project

Get the details on what this project will cover, the schedule, and what you can expect moving forward.


Upcoming Activities

Get involved in the redesign of Peachtree Street! All upcoming activities are posted to the Event Calendar. 

Project Documents

Draft documents will be posted to this site for public review throughout the process. Take a look and share your feedback!

Contact Us

Do you need to speak to the project team directly? We'd love to hear from you.


Read the Blog

Why does a shared space make sense for Peachtree Street? What actually is a shared space? Check out thoughts on these and other topics on the project blog!

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